Saturday, 9 March 2013

Computer Handicap

Oops, I forgot to eat.

I'm a computer addict - a computer geek - if you will.  However a computer geek implies someone who is extremely knowledgeable about computers and how they work.  That totally eliminates me from the "geek"  category.  I only know what is absolutely necessary to what I am doing at the moment.  Beyond that, I am an ignoramus! When I run against a problem, I have a list of "go-to" people, my son, my daughter, my granddaughter, my niece (my editor), or a distant cousin who's an expert on blogging publications.  In other words, if it was not for these helpers I would be a strictly "text" person.  But that does not keep me off the computer!  I am a stubborn "gook" if nothing else.  I refuse to give up, even to the point of being a pain in other peoples' butts!  I can be a major pest without even trying!

Being retired and living alone in a one-bedroom apartment, I answer to no one.  This allows me the freedom to do as I please.  I get up when I feel like it, (anywhere between 7 and 10 AM). I go to bed when I am dead tired, (anywhere between 9 PM and 4 AM) and I eat when I get good and hungry, (breakfast can be anywhere from 8 AM  and 3 PM) thanks to my dictator, the computer!  Depending on what I start working on, what the computer hooks me with, and how determined I am to lick the problem at hand, I can lose all sense of time and purpose.  (You'd think that with such an erratic eating schedule, I would be skinny as a rail.)  NO SUCH LUCK!!! When I get to that fridge, I devour everything in sight!!!

So am I ready to change my ways???   Not on your life!!!!  I waited 65 years to get to this stage!!! Give it up? You think I'm nuts?   I intend to enjoy every minute of this.  I earned it and I am claiming it!
So go ahead and have fun with your envy!  It's your problem!   I intend to live the way I want to!

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