Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Who Goofed And Set Me Up?

Last month, I ordered some books on line through my editor. Because my editor placed the order, I did not see the tracking numbers of the shipment or an estimated time of arrival of the shipment. That was not a concern for me.  We had done this before and had never encountered problems so I was totally unaware that the shipment was coming early (two weeks early, as a matter of fact).  The delivery guys  are usually courteous  and give me a ball park delivery date when they will be in the area, so I hang around home and wait for them. Since I had no reason to be on the lookout for them, I did not stick close to home and missed them for five trys. The guys DID try to let me know they were on the way.  They had sent me FIVE emails but I did not get them!  Google stuck them into my SPAM file.  I never check my spam file!  That is always  garbage mail!!!

I don't even have an idea what made me look there that Saturday night.  There I discovered FIVE  delivery notice emails dating since the 18th of February that my books had missed delivery to my door and had now finally been left at a post office almost a mile from my home awaiting pickup by me! (There was also an email from my niece who I correspond with regularly. For some odd reason it, too, was in the SPAM folder!! It was about a children's Birthday Party! Nothing flashy!)

I don't have a car  but I do have a little cart that I use for grocery shopping, so very impatiently, I waited till Monday to walk to that post office to pick up the books that should have been delivered to my apartment over two whole weeks ago!  What would have happened if I had not found out about the books being held in the post office.  What if they had shipped them back for non-delivery???

Why did those delivery emails go to the SPAM folder.  Did Google think they were Viagra shipments? Porn Pictures? Illicit drugs?!?!?   WHAT????  The books didn't even contain any explicit sex scenes, for heavens sake!!!!  People actually consider me straight-laced!

I guess I'll have to check my SPAM folder from now on, after all.  Heaven only knows what Google will stick into that folder next!  If I have missed legitimate emails in the past - that's life, I guess.

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