Monday, 4 March 2013

Alternative Possibilities

Alternate Possibilities

I have an ongoing problem.  It's been with me for almost fifteen years.  It will never go away. In fact, it will probably get worse with time and there is not a thing I can do to either improve, alter, or halt its progression.  I have learnt to adapt to my situation, but it is a major inconvenience in my life.

My problem is failing eyesight.  Back in '98 I lost sight in my left eye due to an ocular vein occlusion.  Though I regained some sight in it, I still am handicapped to a major degree, particularly for reading or close work.  Most of my friends know this and when they can, they offer helpful suggestions. The other day, a friend gave me a link to a site where I can download free ebooks onto my computer and then enlarge the print to make the print readable with my limited eyesight.  This would give me access to alot more reading material. That sounds wonderful! However it has a major drawback for me.  Between my writing (working on my fifth book), my blogging, my emails and some necessary research sessions, I am already spending way too much time at the computer.  I need to get away from that.  Audio books on cassettes and my walkman CD player are my escape from the computer chair and I utilize them while I do my housework, laundry, cooking, or exercising, thus maximizing the use of all my time while conserving my limited eyesight and giving my eyes a much needed break.

I am so very grateful to our modern technology for offering us alternative possibilities to exploit all our passions with enthusiasm and zeal. How very lucky we are in our retirement to indulge in exciting hobbies while still making productive use of our leisure time! What a boon this would have been to our ancestors!!!


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