Sunday, 26 May 2013

I Heard a Robin Sing

I Heard A Robin Sing

The sun is shining brightly
Its rays are welcome, warm
White clouds are drifting in the sky
With no raindrops falling down
No thunder do I hear today
Though we could use the rain
So I sit and bask in perfect calm
And I hear a robin sing!

The cherry trees are blooming
And the apple, berry, plum,
Their petals keep on floating down
Like confetti  tossed around.
It smells like heaven's come to earth
Boundless blessings on the wing
Life so wonderful and grand
Cause I heard the robin sing!

The roadsides are a blaze of yellow
Amid grasses lush and green
The dandelion is the sovereign here
It's reign is full, supreme
And over and above it all
I hear the robin sing!

The gardener busily mows lawn
In anticipation of some rain
A bunny watches warily
And I hear a robin sing!

The geese are honking overhead
As through the heavens they roam
The sparrows gather moss and twigs
To build somewhere a home
(They've given up on nesting in
A birdhouse not meant for them.)
They scold and squawk and make a fuss
They're too big to fit in
I smile at their frustration
And I hear the robin sing!

All spring is in its glory
Nature's bounty and its whim
I've waited for so long it seems
To hear that robin sing

I've planted all those pansies
Their blooms are smiling now
The sun caresses each new face
As in the breeze they bow
God's beauty's all around me
For I hear the robin sing.

I thrill in the perfect solitude
As I sit, survey, the scene
My wish came true today it seems
Cause I heard a robin sing!

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