Monday, 10 June 2013


Success ?  Or Failure?
Finally, I am back on line! My 2006 Computer finally gave up the ghost and I have had my son and my granddaughter practically a  living at my place for a whole week trying to resurrect it.  In the end we finally went to a store and I bought a new standalone computer --- and a new web cam as that also died of old age. I'm still not too proficient with the new processes.  This computer tells me that  I need new upgrades for my brain as my old brain is not compatible with my new computer!

 It has been a stressful  month and my eyes are almost in the same shape as my old computer was.  Only problem is I cannot go to a store and buy new eyes!!!! I AM trying to get technical in my old age however. Some stores are actually  really getting rich by capitalizing on my handicap.

In addition to my new computer, I now have a 50 inch TV in my living room, complete with an HDMI cable that lets me hook up my 2-year old laptop to it so I can  read what my laptop computer is telling me by simply reading the huge print on my 50 inch TV screen. As far as the standalone computer, well there is always the ZOOM  IN Feature I  can access on my 26 inch monitor.  Oh the thrills of old age!!!

 Now if I can only upgrade my brain, I may actually get somewhere.  In the meantime. thanks for your patience,  folks!  It's nice to be back again.  If you don't hear from me again, just assume that my hard drive has crashed too.  But wish me luck anyway!

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