Sunday, 30 June 2013

Walking a Dog

Walking Bentley

He tugs so eagerly on the leash
As he tows me forward so forcefully
He's barely bigger than a rabbit
Yet he's a Clydesdale horse to me.

My dragging gait must be frustrating
He pants and wheezes with all his might
Yet he's relentless as he tows me
Almost choking  in his collar tight.

I know he loves run afield
Or down the street with someone young
But this old grandma just can't do much
The garden gate or what's beyond.

So we struggle hard against each other
He's pulling forth while I pull back
After several blocks of constant pulling
We're both ready for some slack.

This half hour of strenuous exercise
Is most enough to set my day
But Bentley's ready for another
Oh how I'd love to feel that way.

Those carefree days are gone forever
As I amble so laboriously
But Bentley smiles in adoration
Just happy to be towing me.

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