Monday, 17 June 2013

Ode to a Dear Friend

I lost a dear friend recently and this is my tribute to a very dear soul  who brought a shining star into my life for the few months that I knew her. I used to visit her in the hospital.

Goodbye LouLou My Friend

You tiptoed into my life so gently,
A loving heart, a  feeble breath
A pleasant word, a genuine smile
An eager welcome forthcoming still 

You asked for nothing, demanded  little.
Just above  a whisper, you only begged
“No, don’t go yet, stay abit longer”
Your frail delicate voice entreated
And I could not leave you so forlorn
I hardly felt you pierce my heart
You entered so discreetly as just a peasant "job”,
But you curled into my soul so deeply
And made my heart your “home sweet home”.

Your resilient spirit is my beacon
Your enormous foot prints my guiding path
 So sleep my friend, sweet thy slumber
Away from weary pain, distress
Sleep, for someday I will join you
And we’ll continue from where we left off.

I will sorely miss you
Your Friend

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