Monday, 8 July 2013

Demise of A Computer

 My Computer Lost its Hard Drive 

I used t'be full of ideas,
For subjects to write about
But something wiped my hard drive
I just have lost my clout!

My personal computer
That ran my brain before
Has been cleaned out of memory
It won't compute no more

I sit forlornly at my chair
My whole body in a hush
I try to jiggle that old brain
But it has turned to mush

When I lost my old computer
My old hard drive it did die
Now I just feel so empty
Cause my new hard drive is dry.

I have to to find some software
And reprogram this old brain
To work with Windows Seven
So I can work again.

I thought I could escape it
By avoiding Windows Eight
But all this new technology
Has altered my brain's fate.

I guess I'll have to just adapt
And join this new rat race
Or otherwise I'll keep losing ground
And admit to losing face.


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