Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I'm A Wannabe

I'm a Wannabe

 Since I read my first "book" (The Boxcar Children) so many, many , many years ago, I have dreamed of someday writing a book.  It would be so easy, I thought. I had dozens of ideas floating inside my head and I was convinced they were all fantastic!  (Youthful ignorance and unrealistic optimism, you know.)

From the perspective of youth, almost all things are possible.  Without the sobering influence of past failures and bitter experiences to hamper or reign us in, it is easy to dream big - even unrealistically big.  Which is a good thing.  Youthful optimism takes us onto uncharted pathways that can lead to major breakthroughs in many different fields of endeavour.   Great discoveries and monumental accomplishments have been realized because somebody "dreamed the impossible dream".  Nothing ventured,- nothing gained still holds true, no matter what age.  The optimism of youth is the power behind our countless successful ventures.

If we want something badly enough, we make it happen.  It may not be the ultimate dream of our family, our friends or even the average Joe on the street, but if it is OUR dream, it is worth striving for, worth OUR sacrifices and trials and even bitter disappointments.  Each mistake is a lesson we can capitalize on and utilize to our advantage.  It promotes advancement toward maturity and ultimate wisdom .  We all need to get there. Some get there sooner and others later but success in achieving our dream is everybody's goal.

I may never be someone else's idea of a successful writer, but I have achieved my ultimate goal.  What I aimed for and dreamed about, I have achieved. I still have alot farther to go and I may never really get all the way there, but I am on the road.  To me that is success!  

What are you dreaming about?????  Aim high!

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