Saturday, 13 July 2013

Canada Day Poem (Late)

I am late with this poem.  I wrote it 3 years ago for our Tenant Association July newsletter. When my old computer crashed this spring, I lost several files that I had not backed up onto a memory stick.   I thought I had lost this poem forever but the editor had a copy in her files and kindly retrieved it for me.  It is still July and hopefully, Canada Day is still not totally forgotten. Forgive this less than timely publication. Regardless of the date, it still applies.

What is Freedom?

Freedom is a priceless endowment Canadians take for granted
Without rancour or apology – or gratitude
It’s “our right” our inheritance – our very own treasure
No one may trample it, question it, or disown it
Take it away, disclaim it or even earn it.
It is there, it is ours – free for the taking
Even if we fail to recognize or appreciate it
Even when we challenge, dispute, distort, or abuse it
It remains with us still
Unworthy, ungrateful, though we may be
The ever-loving puppy at our feet
Forever faithful, always patient, all forgiving, never judging
Though we be prone to such disdain.

In Canada, freedom is not an elusive, impossible dream
It is not a sad lament, not even a fantasy
Uttered with apprehension or dread
Lest we be overheard.

Freedom is not a nebulous vision on a misty horizon
A vague and hopeless delusion, unfruitful, barren
A beautiful mirage of an unattainable aspiration
A wistful thought, unrealized, in fear unspoken
A child not ever-yet to be conceived.

What have I done to be so privileged to posses it?
Worthy and deserving of this incalculable liberty?
I was born in Canada!

As for the suffering million poor of this world – there, but for the grace of God, go I!!!

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