Thursday, 11 July 2013

Regaining Perspective

 New Perspectives

I have been feeling rather drained of ideas and energy since my bout with some ill health lately.  Because of it I had started to question my future in the writing field.  There is nothing worse than losing your drive and your hopes and dreams, even if they are merely a hobby and not "your life's work".  That can be a very a  lonely and unproductive state, a state of self-deprivation which is most definitely self-perpetuating.

Hobbies are important. They provide us with purpose,  something to strive for.  We all need that.  I was browsing the Internet and I ran across Kristen Lamb's Blog on I had seen it before but it had never impacted me as strongly as it did this time.  It was as if she was speaking  directly to me, telling me to hang in there, not to give up, to keep pushing ahead against the hopelessness and the lethargy and the indifference.  It made perfect sense and it hit home with tremendous force.

We Ukrainians have a saying that translates "Not wanting to do something is far worse than being UNABLE to do it".  That is so, so true.  Determination to do something can overcome many disabilities.  So I am through bemoaning my fate! Self-pity BEGONE!!!! I am going to complete that novel that has been sitting half-finished on my computer for months.  Look out folks!  It's on its way!!!!  Thanks, Kristen.

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