Monday, 9 December 2013

A Past Remembered

A Life That Was Never Meant To Be
Sadly she gazes at a photo
In black and white, taken long ago
A baby girl, so sweet and precious
A life to cherish and watch her grow.

She sees a life of bliss, contentment
Her little family is growing fast
Her hopes, her dreams, her life evolving
Her fervent prayer comes true at last.

She pictures images of great successes
She smiles with pleasure and delight
At stumbling steps, and proms, and grad nights
Those wondrous “firsts” for her neophyte,

Her maternal heart dreams, envisions
Such timeless pleasures, with wistful thrill
A golden future of life’s great moments
A glorious prophesy yet to fulfill.

She sees a wedding, a bride so radiant
A white mirage floating down the aisle
An apparition of life enraptured
Her heart so full it lights her smile.

But fate was cruel and life was stolen
Those dreams she’ll never come to see
A poignant memory still full of sorrow
A perfect life not meant to be. 

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