Saturday, 28 December 2013

In Retrospect

The Final Reckoning

When that bell tolls for me up yonder
And my time on earth is gone
I hope I’ll leave with no regrets
About what I should have done.

I hope I’ll have accomplished
All things I set out to do
That I won’t have to pad my slate
And my account of life is true.

There won’t be unfinished business
Those regrets that burden souls
The “should’ve”s “would’ve”s “could’ve”s
Those missed unfinished goals.

I didn’t put off those travels
That gave my life its wings
I’ve lived life to the fullest
And enjoyed the simple things.

I didn’t forgo important dreams
Or put off till tomorrow
Those hopes for great adventure
Those thrills I did not borrow.

I tried to live within my time
Though I was always aiming higher
But I did achieve some fair success
To which I did aspire.

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