Thursday, 12 December 2013

Still Kicking

Still Kickin’

They advertise the merits
Of those creams and smart elixirs
That promise to make you younger
All those magic “old age fixers”.

But I’ve earned every wrinkle
Every crease on there is mine!
I’m past the point of lying
That I’m still “just thirty-nine”!

I proudly display “age spots”
Dark “liver spots” or blotches
All those blemishes that tattle
My complexion now has splotches.

My hair’s no longer dark now
It’s “bottle-blond” for a reason
You won’t detect the gray now
I’m in my “autumn” season. 

But I still keep on dreaming
Of triumphs that may occur
I can’t afford to slacken now
My brain I have to spur!
So don’t you write me off yet
I’m still within the class
I’m happy that I’m kickin’
On the green side of the grass!

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