Saturday, 5 April 2014

Armchair Holidays

Armchair Travel

Just came back from a Mediterranean Cruise and a tour of Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Israel --- from  my armchair.  It was a trip I made in 1990, one of several international holidays I had taken when I was younger and alot more spry and adventurous.

 In addition to tons of captioned pictures that occupy a bookshelf of photo albums, I have detailed travel logs of each and every trip.  I had always planned to relive these exciting highlights of my life  and now I truly appreciate all the minute and comprehensive information I included in those logs.

I recall sitting on the edge of the bathtub each evening before I went to to bed, religiously recording the events of the day into my log book  while my roommate slept in her bed beyond the closed door.  I did my writing in the bathroom so as not to disturb her sleep with the lights in the room.  This system worked well for both of us, she got her sleep and I got my travel logs.  Now I appreciate all that effort and sacrifice though at that time I probably did not realize how much time and work I must have been  putting into the task.  (I must have forfeited at least an hour or two of sleep each night after very busy and tiring days of sightseeing as indicated by those logs). Still, now, between the pictures and all that minute information that I included in those notes, those holidays are a real pleasure to relive!

And with almost no effort or inconvenience to expend at all!

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