Thursday, 24 April 2014

Testing My Patience

Is It Spring Yet

It’s been much warmer lately
And the snow has all but gone
It’s been a long time coming
It’s been a long, hard run.
I haven’t heard the robins yet
But the magpies squawk and shriek
They disturb my early mornings
They really make me freak!
They’ve made their home as usual
In the tree in our courtyard
Their chatter and their squabbles
Show blatant disregard.
For us humans that are trying to sleep
(We really could sleep late)
We’re all just retired old folks
But we can’t enjoy that fate!
Those magpies all wake up at dawn
And they hold such early meetings
They make us all just listen
And don’t offer friendly greetings.
I know it’s just the beginning
And I know they will get bolder
When the hatchlings all start begging
And the young chicks all get older.
I‘m really a nature lover
And my patience is long enduring
But magpies mock that patience
“Nature’s enthusiast” obscuring.
Their sleek shape notwithstanding
Magpies disrupt my serenity
They challenge my persona
And deny my soul amenity 

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