Thursday, 1 May 2014

Spring Hurrah

Spring’s Hurrah

Winter’s over, the snow has gone
My heart is singing, the battle’s won
I meander down the city street
Till I get blisters on my feet.
But I care little about the pain
I’m just so happy to be out again.
Nature’s finally turned the tide
And opened up the countryside.
Life again is full of bliss
As summers breezes softly kiss
My cheeks still pale from winter’s gloom
But now so eager for summer’s bloom.
So I keep walking, though my feet complain
This new-found freedom is worth the pain.
More “cabin  fever” I can’t abide
Those winter doldrums I just can’t hide
I’m ready now for the soft caress
Of summer’s breezes to assess
And catch the zeal of the sun’s bright rays
To counter that “captive” malaise
So burning blisters won’t keep me home
Cause I’m determined now to roam
And if by chance I have to shed
Some skin that blistered till it bled
T’is but a little price to pay
For the recompense of a lovely day! 

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