Saturday, 3 May 2014

Winter's Demise

Life After Winter

I have been enjoying the demise  of winter lately and to take advantage of it I have forgone the comfortable temperatures of my apartment and gone out walking - down city streets - of course. I guess the city's cement sidewalks are not the most comfortable surfaces to walk on, but for some reason, people get irritated if I walk on their lawns. (There are the city parks , of course, but people look at me funny when I walk in circles.)

Last Monday, it was so nice and warm that I walked for miles and I enjoyed it (till the last few blocks) because the blisters on the soles of my feet hurt so much. Still, I was determined to enjoy that warm weather so I refused to hop a bus and instead, I limped my way home.With all that walking I should have lost at least twenty pounds but all I lost was an earring and that did not even weigh an ounce!  As the pounds, I brought them all back - down to the very last one!

Nonetheless, I am going to take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy that sunshine! Heaven knows I have waited long enough for it. So I have earned it!!! For now, I  simply drained my blisters, applied antiseptic to the area and put on bandages where required and I'm back on the sidewalks again.

Mind you, I got pretty cold yesterday and today as the the wind has not yet been informed that winter is done.  Somebody send a memo. Pleeeease!

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