Monday, 26 May 2014

Summer's Revenge

Rehabilitating That Incapacitating Drag

For months I have been deliberating
Cause winter was so aggravating
Its dismal gloom was so exasperating
That warm sunshine I’d been anticipating
Was just nowhere to be found.

Then suddenly temps were graduating
Sun’s rays their heat disseminating
That sunlight was so liberating
That excuses for procrastinating
Had lost their bitter edge.

So the garden needed cultivating
For veggies that we were propagating
But dandelions were proliferating
They actually demanded eradicating
We really did not want them there.

On horticulture we’d been educating
As exotic plants we kept incorporating
Joy and labor we were integrating
Cause Eden’s garden we are recreating
Right in our own back yard.

We sat there planning, contemplating
Those plots that we are allocating
For seeds that we had germinating
In peat flower pots originating
To give them a good start.

Good weather we’re appreciating
The warm days are so invigorating
We find them so intoxicating
All old grievances we’re repudiating
With sighs of sheer delight.

So we sit there prognosticating
Cause we find it so exhilarating
New ideas we’ll be coordinating
Make us really feel like celebrating
Cause it truly is so validating
And we’ve earned this sweet revenge!

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