Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Technology Woes


Instructions are redundant
If the print is way too small
For I cannot see the letters
I can’t read them at all. 

I don’t understand this gadget
I don’t know how it works
Oh for youthful savvy
 I could really use those perks!

I struggle and I try so hard
I really work to train
But knowledge of these gadgets
I just cannot obtain

So I bug and pester and implore
My kids until they’re blue
They’re convinced that Mom’s a nuisance
With no patience and no clue.

This technology’s moving way too fast
For this brain to comprehend
 For no sooner as I think I got it,
New technology they expend.

Life used to be so simple
When we simply met and talked
There was no frustration
And our brainpower never balked!

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