Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Armchair Cruising

Getting the most out of your Holiday Buck

Over the years (and there have been many)  I have been fortunate to have tried several ways to enjoy  my "off-time" - travelling, camping, fishing visiting friends/family,  etc. etc. etc... Spring, especially, brings out the wanderlust in me.

Many of my former pursuits are somewhat impractical, improbable, or impossible for me now.  At best, I can still go for some very inadequate facsimiles of each of those most gratifying pastimes, but alas, few can replicate the pleasures that those activities once provided.

I am fortunate, however, to have detailed records of many of the highlights of those most memorable events of those carefree, happy days.  I am now so glad I took the time to record all those very minute details because it is so easy to relive them now.

Luckily, I did quite abit of travelling (one of my foremost passions) in my time, but since I was never rich, I had to stretch every dollar to make it reach the farthest. I loved touring because I got to see much of the world, but it was the cruising that gave me the most value (and comfort) for my money. Each cruise included some sightseeing on land, but it also included  great concerts and entertainment, plus meals and accommodations, (complete with laundry and housekeeping service), and I did not have to pack and unpack my luggage to see a completely different place the next  day!

To me, cruising was worth every  penny! You could be as active or as inactive as you chose to be.  (I liked the "active" part those days!)

BTW my favorite cruise was  on the Sun Viking through the Norwegian Fiords.   What a spectacular cruise that was!!!!!!! With lots of tours on land plus all that scrumptious Norwegian fooood!!!!!

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