Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Searching For The Sun

Sunshine Blues

I hate being indoors these days. I've had more than my share of it this winter (it's like that every winter and spring)! I just wish I had a balcony so I can get outdoors into the sunlight without all that terrible MOVING! - special table, chair, umbrella, extension cords, laptop, keyboard, mouse, etc. etc. (I can't stand the laptop keyboard or mousepad, so I bought an external keyboard and mouse). So anyway, I get out there on that public balcony, and I get myself all set up to work. Then either the weather changes or someone comes to visit and I've done all that work to get organized and I accomplish beans! Still I don't want to be imprisoned indoors forever and I will not give up writing. That computer is my lifeline! Guess I just have no hope of winning this battle!

I really do love my apartment but I would so love to have a private, easily accessible, balcony right outside. Unfortunately, few, if any, "Seniors" apartments have balconies. Seems like us old folks are prone to depression and balconies present too easy an access to ending it all, OR, perhaps seniors just forget how to stay safely away from danger. Perhaps the really expensive ones might offer me that option, but my millions have not been printed yet. So I struggle along with the big move each time, and I fail more often than I succeed.

Owning my own home with that wonderful deck was wonderful, but maintaining the place was a killer - much worse than this inconvenient move up to the twelfth floor balcony! 

Them's the breaks, lady! Suck it up!

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