Friday, 16 May 2014

Downside of Modern Technology

The Downside of Power

In addition to my frustration with this new technology, I have a bone to pick with companies (Philips, at the moment), who seem to assume that instructions for the operation of their gadgets are unnecessary (redundant?) perhaps.  Seems to me I used to hear the term "user friendly" once upon a time.  I guess the company has now become so big and powerful, that they no longer care about "customer satisfaction".

Because I am visually impaired (not blind)! I cannot read books, (a very important passion of mine.) I  do, however, have one alternative.  I can still access the literary field through audio books which I truly appreciate and thoroughly enjoy. I have downloaded audio books to my computer and listened to them that way but that harnesses me to my computer, and even my laptop  cannot go everywhere  I want to go.  I have also used audio cassettes with my Walkman and those help, but some cassettes are so old that they skip or distort sound, making listening to the book extremely frustrating. A further disadvantage is that cassettes have to be physically picked up and returned to the library (26 blocks away).

Somebody suggested an MP3 player.  I bought one.  But the instruction sheet on it has printing the size of the little toe on my flea's left foot.  If they made that writing any smaller it would totally disappear into the paper!

With an ageing population, Philips could have a lucrative business catering to seniors if they were just a little more savvy with the basics of supply and demand.  Some of us still require instruction sheets    ---  readable ones!

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