Monday, 31 March 2014

Late again

My Computer’s Empty

My computer’s empty, no data inside
But I’m still tryin’ though the power has died.
It seems too early to admit defeat
There’s still a target that I must meet.
It's  much too soon to call it quits
But I must confess to “lazy” fits.
I have been told that it’s “S.A.D.” disease
I’d love to claim it but it’s just a tease.
May as well call it by its proper name
And put it in a “genteel” frame.
 To camouflage it might be unfair
It might just give it a haughty air.
So I’ve just been groping for lame excuses
Some slick manoeuvres or deceptive ruses.
But my stalling tactics have reached an end
All those impediments I must suspend.
I must face the fact that I am failing
Those procrastinations may be curtailing. 
Just vain attempts to distract, disguise
Diminishing abilities to just organise.

I miss that drive and that motivation
That thrust for a goal with no reservation
That focus on purpose with optimistic direction
With keen intent and decisive action.
So no more stalling and no more defences
I’m through with all the false pretences
I’ll put the blame where it should be
And drop that blame squarely on ME!  

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