Monday, 17 March 2014

Sochi Olympics

Well Earned Success

Finally I can post this.  I had posted it before but then I realized Sochi was still in the limelight with the paralympics - those undauntable  super-achievers  that, in the face of all odds stacked against them, they just refused to roll over and give up!!!!  All participants of all the Sochi games deserve our utmost respect and admiration! 

Below is my original post:

Now that the Sochi Olympics are safely over and all the athletes are home free and in their own beds,  I feel I can finally, and enthusiastically, congratulate all the hard working participants  on  their well-deserved successes, whether they came home with, or without, medals. Their very courage to aspire to compete in those games was worthy of great admiration.  In fact, just going out there to compete in the first place, was an admirable feat, given the much publicized  predictions of eminent catastrophic tragedies awaiting them there.

I don't know if there were others that felt like I did, like I was holding my breath, fearing for their safety.  I was almost afraid to watch the broadcasts lest I should see some traumatic atrocity or disaster that I would have trouble forgetting.  In fact, until everyone was safely home, I dared not talk about it. Finally, I feel I can relax and express my relief.

Now basking in the glow of success for all the athletes and  for Russia itself in averting any possibility of disaster,  I have to offer a congratulatory salute to  Russia, to its security, to the Olympic athletes and to all the people who braved the odds to attend the spectacular event.  

Kudos to you all!!!!!!!!

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