Friday, 11 January 2013

Philosophy for Life

Life's Solutions

Sometimes we hit a snowbank
Sometimes we even get stuck
Sometime we need a shovel
To change our rotten luck.

 It gets so hard to smile again
To  overcome distress
We may need to change direction
To get out of the mess.

So when a thing looks hopeless
When we think we've reached the end
Let’s get the problem out there
Where we can make it mend.

We need a reassessment
To change our whole perception
All problems look less daunting
On clear and close inspection.

Just purging and exposing
And much investigation
Can be a great catharsis
And cease the castigation.

The problem may just shrink in size
When we see its true proportion
It never really was that bad
And our angst demands abortion.

So smiling at our problems
Is a really good solution
It just takes some time to find
A different resolution!

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