Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Vanished Dreams

Vanished  Dreams

My ship of dreams has left the port
It has sailed out to sea
It crashed into an iceberg
Leaving no real hope for me.

I planned so much for that sortie
I’d outlined the whole deal
But fate stepped in to thwart my plan
My vision for to steal. 

It hurts to see my wistful dreams
It wounds my soul so deep
To see them all lie shattered
In a useless crumpled heap.

 I lost the goal to work toward
The star that shone so bright
I drift without a paddle now
Through the darkness of the night.

But somewhere there is victory
Somewhere there has to be
A bright new star to light my way
A  guidepost just for me.

I’ll not succumb to misery
I must fight it all the way
I’ll conquer this dejection
I’ll sing again someday! 

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