Monday, 24 February 2014


Strife in Ukraine

As a Ukrainian, I find it very hard to watch the news now.  Seeing the strife in the Ukraine and how many people are caught in the crossfire of the political struggles there is truly painful to see.  I am not now radically political nor have I ever been, so I do not profess to know who is right and who is wrong over there.  If I had a solution for them, I would certainly offer it, but as it is, all  I can do is watch helplessly from behind a television screen and empathize with their pain.  What I do know is that many innocent people are getting hurt, probably on  on both sides of the issue and that is where the tragedy lies.

I have never been to the Ukraine myself though I have traveled alot.  I had the good fortune to be born in Canada under peaceful conditions, but I am still Ukrainian and it hurts to know that Ukrainians are having to suffer  that way.  However, it really does not matter what race or what people or wherever in the world they live. Strife is strife and people are people regardless of the where they come from.  We all bleed red blood and pain is still pain.  Whether it is east, west or in between, it is the innocent that always suffer most.

Oh, for a world of perfect peace, where there is no evil and no pain! I wonder if God is looking down on this world and thinking He should just start from scratch again!!!!!

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