Saturday, 8 February 2014


My Struggle With “The End”

I’m working on a major chore
I’ve been working for some time
It’s like a work of fiction
But the plot is more sublime.

I’m almost at the point now
Just the climax to conclude
I know just where I’m going
My problem's simply  attitude!

 I know that when I finish
A major struggle will begin
And that’s the part I’m dreading
For therein lies chagrin.

Final details bring vexation
Second guessing and inquiring
Could I have done much better?
And made it more inspiring?

I wish I had more confidence
More faith and self-assurance
It could have really served me well
It would have been insurance.

But I never really was that great
With decisions of magnitude
So I struggle with indecision
This anxiety and ineptitude! 

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