Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Stuck in Neutral

Stuck in Neutral

I fear I’m stuck in neutral
Can’t go forth and can’t go back
My brain just won’t cooperate
It’s gone all out of whack.

I think I hit a brain freeze
With those temperatures so darn low
I’m waiting for a muffler
To get that brain to glow.

 I tried to shift to overdrive
To get out of this rut
But getting out of neutral is
Not as easy as I thought.

So I struggle and I grapple
And I labor and contort
Still words just seem to fail me
All I get is a dismal snort.

So I must practice patience
Till I can switch those gears
I’ll thaw this frozen brain out
And make sure that it clears.

For I still need it working
To execute each task
I need to keep it honed and sharp
And to function when I ask.

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