Thursday, 30 January 2014

"For PEACE Sake"

Personality versus nationality

I was at a social function yesterday and there was a couple that had just come back from a Caribbean cruise.  One of the things that they said was very interesting.  They said they were fascinated that despite the fact that the passengers on that cruise ship were from various countries around the world, representing various ethnic races and cultures, there seemed to be goodwill and a congenial atmosphere among them all.

Would not our world be a beautiful place if we all could just put aside prejudices and judge people by  PERSONALITY rather than by NATIONALITY????   How nice it would be if we practiced "live and let live" and, (as long as people did not harm or take advantage of us - or anyone else) we could all treat each other with respect and dignity. That could  stop all the hatred and discord that is such a cancer in our world today. If only......... 

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