Saturday, 18 January 2014


The Big Blow

I had never considered myself a dainty little woman (though I always envied the women who were). Born and bred on a farm and having lived on a farm till "75, I always rather considered myself somewhat more like a Clydesdale horse - strong and tough - able to withstand whatever nature threw my way.  But last Wednesday was a day of revelation for me.  Wednesday was the day of "The Big Blow" for us here in Edmonton (and apparently in other parts of our province as well. Some areas clocked winds up to 120 km.

Had I checked the weather, I would not have ventured out of the building, but I checked it out my window and it did not look that bad.  Well I simply boarded the bus like I always do and by the time I discovered how bad it was, I was downtown and half way to my destination so turning back was hardly an option.  As I stood there in a bus shelter waiting for my connection, I literally feared for my life as the shelter rattled and strained to maintain its position - and remain intact - against the force of those gale force winds.

I arrived home several hours later, still alive, still in one piece and thankfully unhurt, though I was shaking like a leaf from the sheer effort of walking the short distances between the bus stops and from the fear that I would not survive it.  I am not a "feeble old woman" but I certainly felt like one on Wednesday!!!!!

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