Friday, 24 January 2014

Meeting Life's Challenges

Confronting Challenges

Life is an endless journey
Of challenges and trials
Of countless opportunities
Strewn along those weary miles.

Sometimes we fail to see them
Or we choose to just ignore
The road signs that point the way
To wherein lies that store.

False dreams may be our blinkers
That detour us off the course
Alter our fate and fortune
And conceal that info source. 

If we cleared our minds just to grasp
Just opened our eyes to view
New prospects that await us
New directions to pursue.

A closed door holds no promise
Of happiness that we require
But capitalizing on opportunity
Brings the success that we desire!

So broaden your horizons
And examine every angle
Try each likely option first
Each tangle to finagle.

You may just find solutions
You never saw before
It may just spur you on to find
Ne passions to explore.

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